Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

Wesley Academy exists to provide a rigorous education in a caring environment which teaches Christian character, promotes a faith in Jesus Christ, and equips students with knowledge and experiences to become contributing citizens in their community and the Kingdom of God.

Our Philosophy

To carry out the mission of Wesley Academy, it shall be the philosophy of Wesley Academy to provide a learning environment where:

•    Children are enthusiastic about learning
•    High expectations and standards of excellence are held for students, faculty and staff
•    A loving and nurturing Christian community exists where individual personalities can develop
•    The school is unashamedly Christian seeking to involve students in the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
•    Exemplary academic standards are maintained in programs and teaching for each level of instruction
•    The teaching and learning process is designed for children whose abilities are average or above and who are able to adapt emotionally and socially to classroom routines
•    Appropriate attention is given to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, religious and moral development of children in a balanced program
•    Children of all creeds, races and ethnic groups work together and learn from each other
•    Educators, parents, church staff and business leaders form a cooperative educational community