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Wesley Academy was an experience like none other. The class trips that we took every year prepared me for trips on my own and for college as well. The teachers at Wesley dedicated their time to make sure that I was prepared for high school by setting the standards and expectations high for me. I was challenged, but I was also supported strongly by my teachers. When I struggled in the classroom, my teachers spent more time with me until I understood the material. I now have both a high school diploma and a bachelor's degree, and I give all the credit to Wesley Academy and to my teachers for laying the foundation for my education, and for helping me become the man I am today. Wesley Academy will always be remembered as the place where I began the phase of growing-up.

Arthur J. Babcock
Wesley Academy Class of 2007
Pope John XXIII High School Class of 2011
Texas Lutheran University, Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology Class of 2015


The faculty at Wesley Academy did an amazing job of instilling the essential values for being successful. At Wesley I learned characteristics such as determination, curiosity, and integrity through continuous efforts by the teachers. I remember time and time again where I was pushed to give my best at Wesley, and now I am naturally inclined to continually improve myself. This school went beyond the classroom with teachers that were able to mentor and provide the foundation for leading a fulfilled life. I am so fortunate to have gone to Wesley.

Geoffrey Oliver
Wesley Academy Class of 2005
Westside High School Class of 2009
Texas State University, Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance Class of 2013
Business Banking Credit Analyst, Amegy Bank


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