Here at Wesley, we love our parents. Wesley Academy is blessed with supportive parents who care deeply about the mission of the school and maintain an active involvement in school events.  It is Wesley Academy's belief that parents are the first educators in their children's lives. Because of this, a school can be more successful in the education of a child when the child's parents are working with, and supportive of, the child and the school's efforts.

Parents are considered partners with the school in the education of each child. With these beliefs in mind, the Wesley Academy PTO was created. The Wesley Academy PTO is the coordinationg body for many parent activities.

It is invaluable for children to see their parents, and the parents of others around the school, doing little things that enliven their experience. In this way, parents meet each other, are themselves enriched, and teach children that volunteering to help others is a part of what is expected of a responsible adult.